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My personal skate collection. I know it’s extravagant, but it’s what I spend my money on.

Doop skates, USD VII, Powerslide Metropolis comparison

Doop skates, USD VII, Powerslide Metropolis comparison

1. USD VII with Kizer Level 2 (soon to be Level 3) frames with 76mm 86A UC Powerblading SR Wheels and ILQ9 pro bearings and Rollerblade liners.
What I use them for: Getting my grind on. Powerblading, Grinding etc etc.
What I like: All of it. I recently skated them as an aggressive setup with Fluid IV’s and I absolutely love these skates. The soulplate is perfect, and the new plastic used on the boot is much more supportive. I changed up the liners because the USD ones were too tight for me as I have a 42 skate and a 42.5 shoe.
What I don’t like: You can’t really slide on them as a freeskate trick because of the aggressive soulplate. They feel clumpy compared to doops/freeskates.

2. Powerslide Metropolis with UC Powerblading 80mm 86A SR wheels and ILQ9 pro bearings.
What I use them for: I just got these as a hardboot to make a new city skating edit. I wanted to learn some slides and have a pair of hardboot skates to bash about in.
What I like: The most comfortable Powerslide boot for me by a country mile, feels nice and supportive, liner is sick.
What I don’t like: I had to drill in extra lace holes before they looked and felt right. They aren’t exactly a beautiful skate allthough the shiny black and white is quite nice. Innersoul feels a bit standard.

3. Doop Frankenstein: Doop parts and a new 84mm frame from Powerslide, with Matter Superjuice wheels 84mm and IL9 Pro bearings.
What I use them for: Everything that involves moving around town. Street, urban skating, public transport – my most used setup (but with new wheels)
What I like: I recently decided that for me, an 84mm is my favorite for city skating. It’s faster and smoother than 80mm and still easily maneuverable also of course Doops are supportive and comfortable – by far my favorite inline boot. Also with the doop soulplate and 84mm wheels, slides feel easier. They’re just the most comfortable, speedy, convenient and maneuverable skate to get around on.
What I don’t like: I would rather a CNC frame than this aluminum one, which is a bit clackity. The color combination is awful compared to my usual setups.

4. Doop Superswift: Doop Swift with Freestyle padding, Matter 110mm G13 prototypes and Cronitec bearings.
What I use them for I use these to fly around town or go long distances, if I’m late for something, or if I’m on a “get fit – training” vibe.
What I like: They’re super fast – the fastest – the wheels are absolutely incredible, the sensation is like skiing but on tarmac, with plenty of adrenaline, many of my favourite moments on skates have been on these. I absolutely love them.
What I don’t like: Cronitect bearings are fast as heck, but they get dirty so quickly that every couple of months if you don’t clean them, they’re like skating on 2 year old rusted bearings.

Which is your favorite?

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