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In Febuary 2012 I went to Germany to present a new concept for a new brand in inline skating. Doop Skates was very warmly accepted by Powerslide and its distrbutors. I created a work team which developed the brand, logos product and marketing as well as travelling to China to perfect the product. I was very proud of my team and of the resulting products we produced.

As part of the Doop Project I created thedoopstore (Now ROEX) as a simple interface to discover and purchase Doop Skates. After a large initial investment by myself the project took off after a slow start – Phew!

By the time The Doop Store was up and running, a number of issues occured. Firstly skates such as the Doop Urban, Swerve and Rental were produced despite the new flap system not working (well, let’s be political and add an “In my opinion” at the end of that). We refused to purchase or promote these models at The Doop Store, knowing that they did not support your ankle correctly “in my opinion”. Also despite the success of Doop, the skates were still not ideal for smaller feet.

After a number of further issues and disagreements with our supplier, including, or resulting in the project being copied in its entirety by someone less interested in the product and more into capitalizing on the project, I no longer form a part of this project, and will now be designing and working with a new team to create a new and effective alternative.

I wouldn’t usually get involved in brand politics, but if you want to buy Doop Skates with quality service and support the creators of the project, this is the best place to get them from: ROEX (Doop Deals)
I want to thank Powerslide for giving me the opportunity to develop this project with them, and a special thanks for the all the international support during this time!